Clear Aligners – Vero Beach, FL

Straightening Smiles Without Brackets and Wires

You may be familiar with traditional orthodontic methods of straightening teeth, but metal brackets and wires are not the only option for improving the alignment of your grin. With clear aligners from Ocean Oaks Dental Group of Vero Beach, you can straighten your teeth in a way that doesn’t affect your professional appearance or disrupt your normal lifestyle. To see if clear aligners are right for you, please call our dental office today to set up an appointment to learn more about clear aligners from our Vero Beach, FL dentist.

Why Choose Ocean Oaks Dental Group of Vero Beach for Clear Aligners?

  • Reliable ClearCorrect Aligners
  • Team of Skilled Dental Experts
  • Focus on Quality Results

How Clear Aligners Work

We will examine your teeth to determine what changes have to be made, then take impressions to have a set of clear aligners made. Each clear aligner is worn for about 20 to 22 hours a day, and you’ll switch to a new one after a given period of time. As the aligners push your teeth into place, you’ll gradually move closer and closer to your ideal smile. You’ll be able to take your aligners out to eat or brush your teeth.

Benefits of Clear Aligners

Dental team member holding a smile model and clear aligner
  • Clear aligners blend in much better than traditional braces, making them the more image-friendly option.
  • Compared to traditional braces, clear aligners usually require much less time to make the desired changes.
  • The smooth plastic used to make clear aligners is much more comfortable than metal brackets, and there won’t be any wires to poke you in the gums.
  • Clear aligners can be taken out of your mouth so that you can eat whatever you want.