Lab Benefits – Vero Beach, FL

Lab Benefits

While many dental offices outsource their lab requirements to external facilities employing mass production methods, Ocean Oaks Dental Group of Vero Beach distinguishes itself as a fully license dental laboratory. With cutting-edge technology and production techniques, we create exquisite, customized dental solutions, meticulously designed, stained, and glazed to perfectly cater to your individual dental requirements.

In-House Dental Lab

In-House Dental Lab Benefits

Animated smilre with tooth colored fillings after restorative dentistry

Today, the very best dental restorations are made using “computer aided design”(CAD) and “computer aided manufacturing“ (CAM) technology, hence the terminology CAD/CAM. Unfortunately, because of the technological demands, fewer than 1% of dental offices in the United States have the equipment and expertise that we use every day at Ocean Oaks Dental.

At Ocean Oaks Dental Group, all our restorations are made in our fully licensed, in-house dental laboratory, using the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies currently available.

  • We start using digital intraoral scanners to capture computerized 3D images of your teeth.
  • Next, using the very best computer software we design your individual restoration.
  • From there your custom design is milled in our 5-axes industrial CNC milling machines.
  • After milling, your custom restoration is sent to one of our specialized sintering furnaces to temper and harden the ceramic material.
  • Next, as many as twenty custom colors are added to your restoration, using state-of-the-art ceramic furnaces, to ensure perfect color matches.

So, what’s in a tooth? A tremendous amount of digital technology and custom artistry goes into every restoration fabricated at Ocean Oaks Dental Group of Vero Beach.


Using advanced software, we’re able to design restorations 100% digitally, which elevates our precision and allows us to make refinements in a matter of seconds. Our designs can quickly be sent to our 3D printer or one of our milling machines that can manufacture a custom restoration with a superior fit and color matching, saving our team and you a tremendous amount of time!


Dental team member holding up custom dental crowns

After we have designed a patient’s restoration, it will be sculpted out of dental porcelain by one of our milling machines. Our machines can do this much faster and more accurately than a human lab technician, and the quality of the porcelain results in a strong, natural-looking restoration.

3D Printing

Same day dental crown system

3D printing technology is getting better and better with each passing year, and now, we’re able to print impressions, crowns, and dentures for the rapid development of surgical guides and other dental solutions. This drastically cuts down on the turnaround time for you - plus printing a replacement, if needed, is easy as well.


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Employing state-of-the-art furnaces and exclusive in-house techniques, we excel beyond CEREC technology, offering studier, aesthetically superior zirconia restorations for an authentically natural smile. At Ocean Oaks Dental Group of Vero Beach, our specialized procedures enable us to deliver unrivaled crowns, bridges, and hybrid implant-supported bridges, setting us apart from other dental practices.


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Having an in-house laboratory is essential for achieving the perfect color depth, vitality, and texture that mimics natural enamel and tissue. Precise control over value, hue, and chroma is crucial in attaining the color shades required for an authentically natural smile. Out meticulous calibration of stain and glaze technology considers how light interacts with value, hue, and chroma, resulting in exceptional outcomes that deliver a beautiful, natural smile.


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Digital dentistry encompasses various elements that demand intricate manual refinement to achieve an impeccable fit. At Ocean Oaks Dental Group of Vero Beach, we employ advanced microscopes to meticulously guarantee the fit and finish of your custom restorations.