Advanced Dental Technology– Vero Beach, FL

Supreme Quality & Convenience

All of our restorations are fabricated in-house (including: crowns, bridges, veneers, implant-supported restorations, and dentures). Our dental office is one of very few in the entire country that has its own in-house CAD/CAM lab, which includes a 3D printer, milling machines, furnaces (for firing ceramics), microscopes, and plenty of additional technology that enables our team to quickly deliver custom cosmetic dental enhancements, restorations and dentures. This gives us the ability to provide world-class dental prosthetics in record time, and if an adjustment ever needs to be made, we can do so without having to wait on an outside lab. At Ocean Oaks Dental Group of Vero Beach, you’ll enjoy premium speed and quality at the same time.

Superior Color Matching for Porcelain Veneers & Dental Crowns

Dental team member holding up custom crafted dental crown

Finding the perfect shade for a restoration is extremely important when it comes to delivering a natural-looking final result. As you can imagine, getting this right can be difficult when you have to mail a color guide to a lab halfway across the country, to a foreign country with language barriers or even across the state. Thanks to the proximity and quality of our in-house lab, matching veneers, crowns, and other restorations to our patients’ teeth is quick and easy.

A Custom Smile to Match Your Facial Structure

Dental team member holding up custom denture crafted to match facial structure

When putting together your treatment plan, our team will not just consider your teeth. Your smile is a central part of your face, so the technology we use to design treatment will take its structure into account as well. This ensures a more holistic and desirable result. Basically, your entire facial appearance can be improved through our dental care.

More Predictable, Streamlined Turnaround Time

Dental team member holding up dental implant supported denture

For most dental offices, when they send a case to a dental lab, they know that it will be scheduled in coordination with hundreds or even thousands of other lab cases in the cue and  they can only hope that it will be done in a timely manner. At Ocean Oaks Dental Group of Vero Beach, we know exactly when a crown, veneer, or denture will be ready, because it’s made right here! This allows us to better plan a patient’s treatment and let them know exactly when their new teeth will be ready, making it easier for them to fit their dental care into their schedule.

Adjustments & Improvements Performed In-House

Dental lab technician making adjustments to dental restoration

After we receive a restoration from our lab, if any adjustments need to be made to make it even better, we can handle everything right here. At other dental offices, if the dentist can’t do everything themselves, they would have to send the restoration back to the lab, potentially adding weeks and additional costs to the treatment process. With us, putting the finishing touches on your restoration is done right before your eyes!

Work Hand in Hand With Our Lab Technicians

Dentist and lab technician reviewing dental restoration plan

Our dentists and staff work closely with our lab technicians to ensure the quality of your final restoration. Combining their expertise leads to a much better result for you, and because we have our own lab, communication is instant. Working with our technicians allows our dentists to give you a much more predictable timeline of when your restorations will be ready, plus the skilled technicians can offer their input so the dentist is fully aware of all the options available.

Digital 2D/3D Dental Imagery

Dentist and patient reviewing digital 2 D and 3 D dental images

Radiography, or X-rays, enable us to spot problems even before they are visible to the naked eye. And, thanks to the advent of digital technology, this tool is now better than ever. With digital X-rays, we can create crystal clear images almost instantly, all the while exposing a patient to 80% LESS radiation compared to a traditional dental X-ray. We can even manipulate the images so it’s easier for you to see what our doctors are seeing.

Intraoral Scanning

Dental team member holding an intraoral scanner

Before creating a restoration, we need to take an impression of a patient’s mouth so we can guarantee the ideal fit and appearance. Instead of using physical impressions, we can now create ones completely digitally in a matter of minutes, improving the speed and accuracy of this process.

Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

Dental team member performing microscope enhanced dentistry

Fitting a restoration or denture into a patient’s mouth isn’t a simple process, but many dentists freehand it and hope for the best. Here, we use microscopes to make every crown, bridge, and denture absolutely perfect down to the last millimeter. This leads to more comfort, more durability, and a better-looking result as well.

CT Scanner

Dental patient receiving C T scans

We use a dental Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CT) scanner, which is a special type of x-ray, providing a highly detailed 3-D image of your teeth, soft tissues, nerves, and bone. The scanner produces an X-ray beam in the shape of a cone (concave triangle), and it emits less radiation than a conventional CT scan. Our CT scanner provides key insights into your overall dental and physical health that assists us in diagnosing your dental needs.