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Dental Consultation

Gingivitis and gum disease are the leading cause of tooth loss in adults. Therefore, the doctors and hygienists at Vero Beach's Ocean Oaks Dental will develop a personalized oral hygiene program to meet your individual needs. Long term success and maintenance of your dental health revolves around your personalized oral hygiene program.

Regular cleanings and supportive periodontal visits are of the utmost importance in the continual monitoring of your dental needs, providing a watchful eye on both teeth and gums. Therefore, our hygienists will spend additional time with you to ensure that your personalized dental care needs are met.

Our experienced hygienists provide gentle, meticulous dental cleanings and thorough guidance in how you can maintain good dental health.

Proper home care techniques, as directed by our hygienists, ensure lasting comfort and function of natural teeth, bridges, implants and dentures.