Man smiling wearing glasses, with white teeth showing

Dental Crowns in a Day

Did you know that most Dental Crowns and Veneers can now be completed in one day in our Vero Beach office? That’s right, using laser scanning technology, the E4D crown system scans your tooth, then our computer designs and mills your beautiful restoration from a solid block of porcelain all in about two hours. Unlike conventional crowns which can take up to several weeks to complete, E4D crowns and veneers can actually be completed the same day. And what about strength? Our E MAX porcelain system is the strongest and most life like material available. So call today to find out if the E4D “Crown In A Day “ is right for you.

From a workflow standpoint we can capture preoperative diagnostic scans and send them via STL file to our on-site lab. At Ocean Oaks we use the latest technology known as PlanCAD Premium design software for complex dental cases. This is especially helpful for anterior cases where he can quickly provide digital diagnostic wax-ups. These images become the blueprint for the final design which gives the collaborative team a preoperative view of the challenges that will need to be met for each patient.

The value proposition we offer to our patients has improved significantly with CAD. Besides the faster turnaround times, today's CAD restorative materials, such as eMax and zirconia, offer significant improvements in strength and esthetics over traditional PFM crowns and bridges. Further, the precision implant planning means improperly placed implants are a thing of the past. Dr. McDonald toured on the lecture circuit for several years training other dentists and ceramists on how to leverage the latest digital dentistry techniques to provide the best outcomes for their patients.