Dental Implants

Interested in dental implants? For an even more natural and life-like appearance, dental implants represent the very latest in tooth replacement. Dental implants actually create artificial "roots" that anchor new teeth and restore the mouth to a state that most closely resembles natural teeth in both function and appearance.

Dental implants are a replacement for the root of a missing tooth. Implants are made of pure titanium and are shaped like the roots of your natural teeth. When an implant is placed in your jaw and allowed to heal it can support a single tooth crown that looks and functions just like a natural tooth.

From a workflow standpoint we can capture preoperative diagnostic scans and send them via STL file to our on-site lab. At Ocean Oaks we use the latest technology known as PlanCAD Premium design software for complex dental cases. This is especially helpful for anterior cases where he can quickly provide digital diagnostic wax-ups. These images become the blueprint for the final design which gives the collaborative team a preoperative view of the challenges that will need to be met for each patient.

The value proposition we offer to our patients has improved significantly with our local CAD, mill and design team. Besides the faster turnaround times, today's CAD restorative materials, such as eMax and zirconia, offer significant improvements in strength and esthetics over traditional PFM crowns and bridges. Further, the precision implant planning means improperly placed implants are a thing of the past.

Multiple implants can be used to support bridges that replace several missing teeth or can even be used to stabilize a denture. Dental implants are easy to maintain and keep clean with conventional brushing and flossing and can easily last a lifetime. Ask us about having our dentists and on-site ceramist team design an implant restoration that is customized to your exact fit and color. Our team can provide a customized solution that is unmatched by traditional offsite labs.